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Techtrol 515 -

is a stabilised aqueous solution of an isothiazolin derivative, formulated to control a wide variety of bacteria, funghi and algae. Techtrol 515 can be applied to a wide range of water systems including open evaporative cooling systems, closed circuit chilled water and metal working fluids. Techtrol 515 is a non-ionic organic and is non-foaming in both acid & alkaline conditions.

Techtrol 530 -

is a broad spectrum non oxidising phosphonium based biocide. Techtrol 530 exhibits an excellent bleaching action against algae and is effective against legionellae bacteria. It is compatible with hypochlorous & hypobromous acids and their salts. It is also beneficial in the penetration & removal of biofilms.

Techtrol 555 -

is a very fast acting biocide. Thus it is suitable for short half life evaporative systems eg evaporative condensers. Techtrol 555 is compatible with other water treatment additives that may be present in the cooling water. Techtrol 555 is subject to hydrolysis, the degree of breakdown being dependent on on water temperature & pH. The products formed also exhibit biocidal activity. Techtrol 555 is totally broken down in the environment.

Techtrol 562BP -

is an aqueous solution of sodium bromide blended with a halogen compatible wetting agent. When mixed with a suitable oxidant eg sodium hypochlorite, it will generate hypobromous acid. The wetting agents act as a biopenetrant to aid the removal of biofilms and the general biofouling material found in cooling water circuits.

Techtrol 570 -

is a versatile amine based product that offers both biological control & corrosion inhibiting properties. It finds application in open evaporative and 'once through' cooling water circuits. The product also exhibits excellent dispersant & cleaning benefits, especially against fouling biomaterial.

Techtrol 5712 -

is an amine based wide spectrum biocide complimented with a block copolymer (an aromatic ethoxylate). Techtrol 5712 exhibits excellent cleaning properties, dislodging general debris in a cooling water system. It also provides corrosion inhibiting protection.

Techtrol 586 -

offers a broad spectrum of microbiological activity as a biocide. It exhibits biocidal activity against both aerobic & anaerobic bacteria. It is also active against funghi & algae in a wide range of industrial waters & recirculating water circuits eg. closed chilled & hot water loops.

Bromicide -

a slow dissolving, fast acting solid biocide for use in a wide range of industrial waters. When dissolved in water these tablets release hypobromous acid. For use in once through and recirculating cooling waters, heat exchange water systems, air washers, industrial water scrubbers, influent water systems, pasteurisers, cooling ponds, waste water treatment and pulp & paper mills.

Techcides 31 & 32 -

are isothiazoline based formulations. Recognised as an industry 'standard'. These are good wide spectrum biocides effective both against bacteria & algae. Active over a wide range of pH (typically 6.5 - 9).

Techcide 38 -

good slime controller, especially against algal slimes. Reasonable fungicide. Operates across a wide range of pH (typically 6 - 9.5). Not suitable when used in combination with chlorine or 'quats'. May cause foaming.

Techcide 48 -

a 'bronopol' based formulation. This makes it a good general purpose microbiocide, slimicide, and aerobic/anaerobic bactericide. It is also compatible with most other biocides eg. 'quats', MBTs, isothiazolinones and all common cooling water inhibitors. It is limited by its short 'half-life' at higher pH levels (ie. above 8) and so tends to be used for quick kill applications.

Techcide 49 -

Gluteraldehyde based formulation. Good bactericide, especially with difficult & persistent organisms eg SRBs and slimes. Limited against algae & funghi. Fast acting, nonionic, nonfoaming and active across a wide pH range typically 6.5 - 9). Compatible with chlorine. Readily biodegradable. Good product where risk of Legionella sp. exists and for 'air washers/scrubbers'.

Techcide 50 -

a low foaming quaternary amine. Widely used surface active agents. Effective algaecide and reasonably good bactericide (over a wide range of pH, typically 6.5 - 8.5). Poor compatibility with polyanionics eg some cooling water inhibitors.