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Type IN.CD.2 - for cooling tower bleed control.

Conductivity controller - Type IN.CD.2
Wall mounting instrument with fixing kit.
Conductivity range from 10 to 20,000 µs/sq. cm
3 LED's for indication of system status
Plastic enclosure with clear lid
Choice of flow cell /dip type electrodes supplied as standard
110volt and 230volt versions are available
Conductivity controller - Type IN.CD.2 - for cooling tower bleed control.

The conductivity controller - type IN.CD.2. - is the “sister”instrument to our already successful I.CD. series controller, and like the I.CD. is primarily designed to monitor the electrical conductivity of water. It's main purpose is to switch output relays if the conductivity goes above (or below) adjustable setpoints.

The main application for this controller is the automatic conductivity control of a cooling tower bleed valve.

The instrument is enclosed in a plastic box, with a gasketed screw down clear plastic lid, and is supplied complete with a wall fixing bracket and screws. It features a digital display of the conductivity value, and has two independently adjustable set points.

These set points are adjusted through the instrument range from 10 - 20,000 micro siemens by the multi turn potentiometer, recessed into the facia. External connections from the electrode are made via the plug and socket connector on the front of the instrument.

2 x two metre flexible 3 core cables provide ingress facility for the power supply, and a powered output for connection to the solenoid valve.

As standard, the IN.CD.2. controller is supplied with either a flow cell or optional dip type conductivity electrode which has a 'K' factor of '1'. The uPVC flow cell is fitted with a union to enable the electrode to be easily removed for cleaning purposes. Connections to pipework are 'one inch plain' as standard. Three quarter inch plain or threaded connections are available on request. Dip electrodes can be supplied to any length required.