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ID.R B - Control dosing frequency and stroke length.

ID.R B Chemical dosing pump
A range of electronic solenoid pumps.
Multifunction programmable microproccessor.
Precise electronic frequency control.
Manual stroke length adjustment.
Simply controlled from touch sensitive buttons on facia.
16 digit 2 line LCD display.
Optional low level protection.
Priming valve as standard.
IP 65 enclosure in high temperature resistant plastic.
ID.R B Type - Chemical dosing pumps.
The ID.R range of chemical dosing pumps, are multifunctional electronic solenoid driven dosing pumps which incorporate various electronic control options.

The ID.R B version incorporates a mechanical stroke length adjustment feature as well as electronic frequency control.

The operator may now make an extra manual mechanical stroke length adjustment to the dosing pump, thus further increasing the pumps accuracy, and greatly increasing the "turn down ratio" to achieve much lower dosing rates. The stroke length adjustment should only be made when the pump is running, and is achieved by pushing and turning the knob. There are 20 settings available between 0% and 100%. Below 10% the adjustment will not be linear.

Standard accessory Kit.
The pumps are are supplied complete with a standard set of hoses/fittings and integral priming valve.

They are available in the following 3 sizes

4 litres / Hour at 18 Bar max.

10 litres / Hour at 8 Bar max.

15 litres / Hour at 4 Bar max.

Power supply.

Standard 230 VAC +/- 10% 50/60Hz.

Options 110 VAC +/- 10% 50/60Hz.

24 VAC / 24 VDC.

66 Watts, 0.3 Amps Std. 1.6 Amps max.