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The '6300D' - Biocide and inhibitor dosing with conductivity control.

6300D Cooling tower controller
A system that provides the basic water treatment dosing and functions required for package cooling towers.
System (as illustrated) incorporates chemical inhibitor and dual liquid biocide dosing pumps with display type conductivity bleed valve control.
Pre-assembled unit, wired & tested for ease of installation.
Optional 230 and 110 volt versions available.
Complementary packages include :-
Model 6300Br D/T for bromine control

Model 6300pH D for pH correction.

Available in matching enclosures.
6300D Cooling tower dosing control and conductivity control/display.
Specification :
1 x Wall mounting enclosure, in grey highly impact resistant ABS material, with hinged inner aluminium facia, and outer transparent door. The enclosure is supplied complete with a fitting kit to surface mount it to any dry indoor vertical wall or other support

6300D Cooling tower controller Mounted in the enclosure is :

1 x Conductivity controller INCD2 facia mounted beneath the window door. Scaled for this application 10 - 20,000 microsiemens per sq. cm. Controller has 2 x multi-turn potentiometer setpoints, each with a relay output for bleed valve control / alarm.

The following indicator LED lamps are fitted as standard :

Power "on" indication with facia mounted on/off switch: Green LED.

High conductivity set point: Red LED.

Low conductivity set point: Red LED.

A dip type or flow cell conductivity electrode is supplied with each system, (please specify at time of order)

1 x chemical inhibitor dosing pump, type PS6 flow proportional peristaltic pump rated @ 3 L/Hr to 1 bar is fitted into the front door of the panel. This pump has an integral manually adjustable 2 range run timer scaled 0 - 30 seconds / 30 seconds - 3 minutes which is initiated from a volt free contact, in this case an impulse water meter.

2 x Biocide dosing pumps, type PS11 timer controlled peristaltic pumps each rated @ 3L/Hr to 1 bar max, are fitted one into each side of the control panel. These pumps have an integral 2 function, 7 day, 4 week microprocessor timer controller which is accessed and adjusted via a hand held programmer / parameter key board unit which plugs into the front facia plate, and which is removed after programming to prevent interference.

General Notes :
1. All pumps have clear plastic hinged front windows, with wire tag facility for sealing after programming, and are supplied complete with footvalve strainers, suction hose, two metres of delivery hose and an injection fitting / bulkhead connector.

2. Each panel is supplied complete with a fixing kit for wall mounting which eliminates the need to enter, or drill the box when fixing.

3. All electrical connections are made via a numbered terminal strip, and a connection diagram is included in the operating instructions.

4. A water meter with slow pulse transmitter (typically 1pulse per 100 litres ), and a solenoid valve is required to complete each package. These are quoted as extra items according to size required.

5. The parameter programming unit is normally quoted as an extra item, as 1 only is required to control any number of systems.

Dimensions :
280mm high x 180mm wide x 190mm deep

6300D Cooling tower controller