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Analysis and control :
IN.CD.2 conductivity controllerIN.CD.2 conductivity controller
IN.RX.2 redox controllerIN.RX.2 redox controller
Chemical dosing pumps :
ID.RB Chemical dosing pumpID.RB Chemical dosing pump
ID.SR B Chemical dosing pumpID.SR B Chemical dosing pump
ID.EX Chemical dosing pumpID.EX Chemical dosing pump
Cooling tower dosing & TDS control eqpt. :
6300D cooling tower controller6300D cooling tower controller
6300Br D cooling tower bromine controller6300Br D cooling tower bromine controller
6300pH D cooling water pH dosing & control6300pH D cooling water pH dosing & control
Dosing pots :
Chemical dosing potChemical dosing pots
'Generators' - Bromine, Chlorine & Chlorine Dioxide