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Purification of Water Supplies With Ozone

Ozone unit The powerful oxidising properties of Ozone make it a natural choice for use in purification of water. As a disinfectant, at a level of 1ppm it will eliminate all bacteria within ten minutes. As an oxidising agent it can be used to break up and remove organic contaminants. For the same reason, it can be used to convert soluble Iron and Manganese salts to an insoluble form that can be filtered out and removed. Similarly it can be used to remove Hydrogen Sulphide.

Ozone not only destroys bacteria but also viruses and protozoa. It has been used since the last century by over 1000 municipal authorities world-wide to produce high quality drinking water. While Ozone is a highly effective disinfectant, it decomposes, making Ozone safer to use and environmentally friendly.

Ozone is a gas that occurs naturally in the earth's atmosphere. It is also an extremely powerful oxidising agent and a very reactive chemical. Due to the unstable nature of the Ozone molecule (it contains three atoms as opposed to the two found in normal Oxygen molecules) it reacts readily with other species. This can be used to good effect in the treatment of contaminated water. Ozone needs energy to trigger its formation, being created by the effect of sparks or ultra-violet light on Oxygen in the air.

Until now, Ozone has been too expensive to produce for use on single dwellings or small community private supplies where demand is intermittent. The new Ozotech generators and air preparation units however, have been specifically designed for such applications and combine simplicity and modern technology in a compact and low cost package.

Ozone can also be used for maintaining the quality of stored water, for treatment of effluent proir to discharge and even for odour removal and sterillisation of air.

Ozone Generators and The Ozone Layer
Ozone unit The Ozone layer is found in the uppermost part of the earth's atmosphere between 20,000 and 30,000 metres and provides an important natural barrier to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The Ozotech Ozone generators do not adversely affect the Ozone layer since they manufacture the Ozone used to purify water from Oxygen in the atmosphere. Local depletion of Oxygen levels does not occur due to the relatively low volumes involved.

How it Works
The Ozotech generators produce Ozone by corona discharge, essentially a 'lightning machine', sparking many thousands of times a second through a dried air stream travelling along the corona assembly. Corona discharge produces a greater quantity and concentration of Ozone than is possible using ultra-violet light.

The Ozone produced by the generator is drawn into the contaminated water flow by a high efficiency venturi, after which it dissolves into the water as it passes into a contact assembly. In the contact assembly the Ozone reacts with the contaminants in the water before it flows on to the multi-media filter where all the solid matter is removed.

The downstream filter unit contains a proven blend of media that remove particulate matter, adjust the pH as necessary and 'polish' out any remaining Iron or Manganese giving clean, pure water with no harmful chemical residues.

System Management, Backwashing and Servicing
The media blend filter unit will automatically backwash at pre-set times, to stir up and clean the filter bed then flush away to drain the unwanted paricles which were removed from the ozonated water. Backwash normally takes place at night when there is no water demand.

Ozotech Ozone generators require minimal maintenance and draw very little power - less than 250 watts for a simple generator and air preparation unit. The downstream filter system will require regular but simple servicing every six months to keep it in peak condition. We can take care of this task for you.

Ozone unit Ozone generators need to be individually sized for each application. They need to deal with all the water contaminants at the required flow rate. The amount of Ozone needed for this will depend on the contaminants in the water, their ratios to each other and the pH and Oxygen demand of the raw water. An approximate indication of the amount of Ozone needed can be found from the levels of Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulphide in an analysis of the raw water.

The guidelines are 0.4 mg of Ozone required for every 1 mg of Iron. 1.0mg Ozone per 1 mg Manganese and 3.0 mg Ozone per 1 mg of Hydrogen Sulphide. It is essential that sizing recommendations are made by water treatment professionals experienced with Ozone systems, who will also ensure that the backwashing filter is of the correct size and type.

Air Preparation
The amount of Ozone produced by a generator will depend on the dryness of the air feeding it and the concentration of Oxygen in the air. Dry air feed is essential to give a long life to the coronas. The Power Prep series air preperation units both dry and concentrate the Oxygen in the air feed to the Ozone generator.

Technical Details and Model Numbers
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Ozone unit

Special Product Features
    - Environmentally Safe
    - Economical to operate
    - Low Maintenance
    - Compact and simple to install
    - Chemical free