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Removing Iron and Manganese contamination.

Fleck 3150 valve The Triplex filter system is a popular contaminant removal unit for many tricky waters. This uses a high performance aerator/separator upstream of the filter bed and valve to increase the oxygen level but reduce the total level of other dissolved gases.

The Triplex filter media is a special blend of pH Correction Media, Catalytic Iron Removal Media and Filter AG which has the combined effect of raising pH and filtering out turbidity, Iron and Manganese. Triplex media is sometimes also used for the removal of Hydrogen Sulphide.

Unlike other systems, the Triplex unit has the same service flow as backwash flow. This reduces the need for higher output backwash pumps and makes the Triplex ideal for domestic and light commercial applications.

Triplex Multi Media Iron and pH Filter - combined with Aerex High Flow Aerator/Separator For Iron and Maganese removal
System management, backwashing and regeneration
Fleck 3150 valve The Aerex aerator/seperator is installed between the borehole pump and accumulator on a pressurised system with the filter unit installed downstream of the accumulator.

For non-pressurised systems relying on tank level switches to activate the borehole pump, an internal microswitch is used to operate the borehole pump for backwashing. Untreated water can be prevented from bypassing to service during backwashing by using a closedown valve fitted to a standard backwash valve or a specially modified industrial valve.

Triplex Models FT350-FT750 require the Aerex unit to be installed in a 'layby' leg to maintain high service flow (layby parts not included).

Two Aerex aerator units are supplied for the FT750/21" vessel.

In areas of high organic loading on the media either pre-treatment with ozone or intermittent backwashing of the media with a diltue chlorine solution is advised.

Technical Details and Model numbers
Available on request.

NB To prevent damage to the vessel these filters must be protected from negative pressure from the drain or from the supply. An air break check valve is recommended on the inlet supply.

Special Features:

Fleck 3150 valve

- Improved performance over existing Iron and Maganese filters

- Maximised air/water contact area within Aerator pressure vessel

- Aerator manufacture from plastic parts that can be acid cleaned

- Light media for easier backwashing

- Reduces Hydrogen Sulphide

- High efficiency aerator venturi

- Incorporates proven patented features

- Aeration and degassing in same unit

- Simple installation

- Easily maintained

- Raises pH

- High flow 1" Couplings

Technical Details and Model Numbers
    Available on request.