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The control of legionella bacteria.

With reference to Domestic Hot & Cold water systems ACoP L8 requires the statutory duty holder to :
Identify all systems "at risk".

This applies both to a) "Domestic" Hot & Cold water, and, b) other plant & systems containing water likely to exceed 20oC and which will release a spray or aerosol of water droplets. This includes spa baths, whirlpools, humidifiers, spray booths, air washes etc..

Risk Assessment
Carry out a "suitable & sufficient" assessment of risk and to review it regularly.
Managing the Risk
Appoint a person or persons to take managerial responsibility for the implementation and supervision of the precautions required.
Controlling the Risk
Prepare, implement & manage a written scheme to control the risks identified.

The scheme is to specify precautions required and should include :

  • An upto date layout of the plant (schematic) together with a description of its correct & safe operation.
  • The precautions to be taken together with the checks to be carried out (and their frequency).
      The precautions taken are to include :

    • Control of any release of water spray together with avoidance of materials or conditions that favour proliferation.
    • Maintenance of a clean system (includes the water) together with the use of an effective water treatment programme.
    • Action to ensure & maintain correct & safe operation.
Record Keeping
Keep records of :
  • People responsible for the risk assessment, management & implementation of the scheme.
  • Significant findings of the risk assessment.
  • The written scheme, details of its implementation, results of monitoring, inspection, tests & checks including state of operation (ie in use/not in use).
  • Remedial actions required to correct faults and return system operation to within control limits.
Retain these records for upto 6 years.