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Legionnaires' disease.

An excellent information source on legionnaires' disease, news of outbreaks, books & other information on control of the legionella bacteria.

Health & Safety Executive

The search facility will allow you to access the relevant codes of practice on the control of legionellosis, site audits, press releases etc. on the subject.


An american public organisation offering information on drinking water contaminants, effect of pipework & plumbing etc on drinking water quality.


The american environmental protection agency - offering information on a wide range of water quality concerns including ground and drinking water issues.

British Water

Umbrella organisation for water companies in the UK. Does have a number of useful fact sheets for users of their excellent home grown product.

Water - chemical structure & behaviour

Lots of information for those of a chemical 'bent'. Still worth the visit for those who are not.

Dihydrogen monoxide

A hard hitting, no nonsense site revealing the hazards associated with over exposure to dihydrogen monoxide. Scary !!

Water supply point equipment and operations

M*A*S*H eat your heart out ! Just when you thought this was all getting too serious - 'Water supply point equipment and operations' - on the battlefield that is.