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... the what

Industrial and commercial water treatment is not a science. It is a practice based on chemistry and engineering. To get things right - and for when they go wrong ! - demands a range of analytical techniques and capability. Water treatment is applicable to incoming mains or borehole waters, cooling waters, boiler waters and waste waters.

... why

Natural waters are never pure. They are dilute solutions of minerals and gases together with varying numbers of micro-organisms. The level of impurity will range over wide limits depending on the source of the water and the route it has taken to point of use. These impurities make such waters unsuitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

... and how

It is the job of the water treatment technologist to analyse the water and the problem, design a treatment program, then monitor and maintain the efficacy of that program.
supplying water treatment chemicals for .. 
boiler waters 
  borehole waters 
  cooling waters 
  mains waters 
  waste waters 
providing analyses of .. 
chemical contaminants 
  domestic waters 
  industrial waters 
  microbiological species 
selling plant and equipment ..