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Fleck 2510 valveChlorine and organics removal - 

Activated carbon is a specialised filter media used principally for removing chlorine or organic compounds from water. The benefit of this is a significantly improved taste and the elimination of odours. These are frequently associated with a "chemical taint" to the water. Activated carbon is also used at the last stage in many water filter systems to provide a final 'polish' to the water.

Fleck 2510 valveIron, Manganese & Aluminium removal - 

A popular contaminant removal unit for many tricky waters is the Triplex filter system. This uses a high performance aerator/seperator upstream of the filter bed and valve to increase the oxygen level but reduce the total level of other dissolved gases. The Triplex filter media is a special blend of pH Correction Media, Catalytic Iron Removal Media and Filter AG which has the combined effect of raising pH and filtering out turbidity, Iron and Manganese. Triplex media is sometimes used for the removal of Hydrogen Sulphide.

Fleck 5600 valveNitrate removal - 

The presence of Nitrates in water causes many problems, ranging from 'blue baby' syndrome (if fed to babies under six months old) to contamination of poultry if used as feed water for farmed birds. The source of Nitrate in ground water is usually from farming fertilisers. The EC permitted maximum is 50 mg/l with an advisory maximum of 25 mg/l

Ozotech unitPurification of Water Supplies With Ozone - 

The powerful oxidising properties of Ozone make it a natural choice for use in purification of water. As a disinfectant, at a level of 1ppm it will eliminate all bacteria within ten minutes. As an oxidising agent it can be used to break up and remove organic contaminants. For the same reason, it can be used to convert soluble Iron and Manganese salts to an insoluble form that can be filtered out and removed. Similarly it can be used to remove Hydrogen Sulphide.

Fleck 2510 valvepH Correction - neutralising acid water and remineralising very pure water 

As supplied by your distributor, water should have a pH value of no less than 6.5 and no more than 8.5. In other words it should not be too acid nor too alkaline. Acid water causes accelerated corrosion of pipework and heating cylinders. In addition it increases the 'plumbosolvency' of the water and can lead to high (and potentially dangerous) levels of lead in drinking water. Water which is neutral has a pH value of 7. The maximum permitted pH value for distribution is 9.5, which is alkaline.

Fleck 3510 valveTurbidity and Iron & Manganese removal - 

Contamination of water by heavy metals can be solved by their catalytic removal. This requires the use of specific filter media. These media can be mixed in a multi-layer bed which, when combined with an appropriate backwash or regeneration system, can be tailored to solve a wide range of specific contaminant problems.